Summer School

  • Runs for up to 1 week in the school summer holiday.
  • Variety of educational based activities.
  • Workshops run by professional teachers or experienced outside providers.
  • Open to all children in Year 3 and above
  • An opportunity to make new friends.
  • Great value for money.

Summer School is a fabulous opportunity for children to come along and take part in fun activities such as Masterchef, Design & Technology, Art and Sport.

Please accept our apologies but we are currently unable to offer our Summer School programme to children for 2020 due to Covid-19. We hope to restart our events next year. 


To book a place please email us at or call Liz on 01949 863044. 

Design & Technology Workshops 

IMG_2793 - Copy.JPG         IMG_2803 - Copy.JPG
IMG_2812 - Copy.JPG         IMG_2821 - Copy.JPG
IMG_2822 - Copy (2).JPG         IMG_2823 - Copy.JPG
IMG_2824 - Copy.JPG         IMG_2836 - Copy.JPG
IMG_2863 - Copy.JPG         IMG_2870 - Copy.JPG

Cooking Workshops

IMG_2786 - Copy.JPG         IMG_2797 - Copy.JPG
IMG_2800 - Copy.JPG         IMG_2828 - Copy.JPG
IMG_2830 - Copy.JPG         IMG_2832 - Copy.JPG
IMG_2847 - Copy.JPG         IMG_2855 - Copy.JPG
IMG_2860 - Copy.JPG         IMG_2861 - Copy.JPG
IMG_2866 - Copy.JPG         IMG_2868 - Copy.JPG