Enrichment Clubs and Societies

Due to Covid-19 we aren't currently running Enrichment activities. 

  • 3pm - 4.15pm (Monday-Friday)
  • Involves ALL Year groups, in EVERY subject
  • Extended Study will run every week (except the first/last week of each half term and Parents Evenings)
  • Improves confidence and social skills
  • Encourages health and fitness
  • Improves employability skills

Toot Hill School is firmly committed to providing all pupils with a rich and balanced education. A crucial aspect of this and one we are rapidly developing is to ensure all children have access to a diverse range of high quality enrichment activities. We are motivated to do this as we strongly value the character development opportunities that enrichment activities facilitate. 

Staff at Toot Hill are running an Extended Study session that fit into one of the 4 categories below:

Enrichment – Fun activities, outside of lessons that you are passionate about, enjoy and are interested in; from knitting to debate club.

Master Classes – Are you aiming for a 7,8 or 9 in your GCSE’s, or A/A* at A-Level? Then these sessions are for you!! Begin learning University level knowledge now!

KUNCU (Keep Up Not Catch Up) – These sessions are to provide additional opportunities to learn the course content with a subject area. A must to ensure you know everything!

Learning Skills – These sessions are to learn new skills that you may not necessarily learn in your lessons. The skills you learn will have a lasting learning impact to take with you throughout your career. This could be the team work skills you learn on DofE to cooking skills for home.

Please email Mr Wickens (rwickens@toothillschool.co.uk) if you have any queries.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Toot Hill School has a large and thriving Duke of Edinburgh's Award programme which offers pupils the opportunity to complete the complete DoE pathway – from Bronze, through Silver and onto Gold!

We are fully aware and appreciative of the benefits that DoE qualifications provide young people with. Through completing volunteering, skill, physical and expedition activities, the programme stretches pupils, taking them outside of their comfort zone and providing opportunities for character development. Through these activities, pupils develop a range of admirable qualities - leadership, teamwork, communication and self-organisation to name but a few. They also learn self-discipline and resilience whilst developing self-confidence and compassion towards other people.

Bronze - Year 10 - email cmercer@toothillschool.co.uk
Silver - Year 12 - email mtinsley@toothillschool.co.uk
Gold - Year 13 - email cmercer@toothillschool.co.uk

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