Year 7 Careers


During Year 7 students will be working with their own tutor group and year group on a range of careers related activities. The key area will be self awareness and to be able to identify strengths, weaknesses, skills and capabilities and how these relate to academic subjects and the world of work. Enrichment activities both in school and out of school are highly important to our students.  

Year 7 will be doing the following activities throughout the year:-

  • Recognition of strengths and areas of development
  • Recognition of skills, qualities and capabilities
  • Career Aspirations questionnaire.
  • Personal development target setting to be discussed at Student Review Day with parents.
  • Tutor mentoring.
  • Researching career websites.
  • Challenge Day. - Science, Design and Technology and Business and Enterprise.
  • Activities Week - TFest and Enrichment activities
  • Diplomat training.
  • Torches programme to record enrichment activities.
  • After school extended study,
  • Student Voice.
  • Charity Fund Raising.
  • School Musical Performances for all year groups.
  • First Aid - workshops being held by St Johns Ambulance.
  • Team building - activities and games that will develop team work and leadership.
  • Problem solving - activities that will develop creativity and overcoming a problem in a team.
  • Presentation Skills - develop skills needed for presenting.
  • Speaking to an Audience - develop skills of how to speak in front of a large audience.
  • SSAT qualification - Student Leadership accreditation qualification.
  • Interview/Leadership training - develop an understanding of how to be a strong leader.
  • Take part in the development of the school.